Swiss 1, round 3 – action a plenty

The games on Tuesday were remarkable for their differences. Some were quiet draws, while others were on a knife edge for a long time, and unsure how they would work out.

  • John M and George played a Ruy Lopez opening into a middle game that looked complicated but a draw was then agreed.
  • Scott and John S played a game that was always equal and a draw was agreed after 30 moves, with Q+N vs Q+B (and pawns for each) but not much chance to press an advantage.
  • John R ran into a N sacrifice from Robert on F7 that he declined but then got a few pieces pinned by Bishop and rook and eventually lost his Queen and the game shortly after that.
  • John R and Marco had a wild game, with Marco sacrificing significant material and John having 2 pieces that never left their home squares. However, John found a rook move that saved his bacon and Marco could only force moves by repetition for an exciting draw.
  • The game of the round however was Paul vs Steve. Paul had Steve’s pieces compressed and tangled on the Queen side while he also had Q and B threatening Steve’s lonely┬áKing on diagonals. Steve failed to remove the centralised B and Paul’s N and Rook then combined to force checkmate.
  • Other games, that I did not see, were a win by Mick over Vincent and a win by Arin over Antoni. So all players now have a score on the board.

The draw for next week is below:

No Name              Loc   Result   Name            Loc 

 1 John Mazzieri     1736     :     Mike C Gross    1734
 2 George W Meldrum  1685     :     John Slidziunas 1737
 3 Scott Humphreys   1754     :     Robert L Mather 1573
 4 Vincent Qiang              :     Paul Baaner     1567
 5 Arin Tornyi-Aydin 1220     :     Steve Ascic     1800
 6 John Robeille              :     Antoni Suryak   1230
 7 John Repetylo     1361     :     Marco Quaranta      


Ratings summary page now available

A new page has been added, listing the rating changes for our club members over the last 4 rating periods. For some of us, our ratings remain fairly steady, while others ‘enjoy’ a ratings roller-coaster. The page is here. Enjoy – and as they say, may your ratings increase!

Thank you to our new followers

It is pleasing that we are getting our club members and a few others signing on as ‘followers’. As followers, they receive a daily digest of posts by email, and so it makes our job easier of keeping the members (and interested others) aware of and up to date of what is happening. Keep those followers coming!

Also, if you want to post something on our site, please get in touch and we can make you ‘author’ status. We are happy to spread the joy of posting – interesting, thought provoking or quirky – we take all sorts ­čśŐ

Swiss 1, round 2 – a few tough games

A number of games were very close last night. But games went with rating, and no draws this time.

The results for round 2 and the cross table are here.

The draw for round 3 is:

No Name            Loc   Result   Name              Loc 
 1 John Mazzieri   1736     :     George W Meldrum  1685
 2 John Slidziunas 1737     :     Scott Humphreys   1754
 3 Mike C Gross    1734     :     Vincent Qiang         
 4 Steve Ascic     1800     :     Paul Baaner       1567
 5 Robert L Mather 1573     :     John Repetylo     1361
 6 Antoni Suryak   1230     :     Arin Tornyi-Aydin 1220
 7 Marco Quaranta           :     John Robeille         

January swiss very competitive

Our first long time frame, 5 round event (started 14 Jan) for 2015 was well attended (14 players), including 2 junior graduates (Arin and Vincent). Vincent did well, grabbing a win against Marco, while Arin found it harder against John Mazzieri.

George managed to relegate Steve to well down the field for round 2. Steve played most of the game a piece down, something he did not realise until much later in the game! George kept pushing through the game, creating many opportunities for Steve to make an error. Sacrifice and counter sacrifice featured throughout the game.

The current crosstable and latest draw can be found here.

First blitz for 2015 well attended

We had 12 players turn up for our first event of the year on 6 January. Scott and Martin shared first, with Steve and Mick sharing third place. It was also pleasing to see Arin there, a newly graduated from the junior ranks, and that Roy scored his first win.

Scott could have won it outright, but he accepted a draw offer on his last game, then he noticed his opponent’s clock had expired! But the draw stood, with handshakes all round. Full details can be found here.