A list of current and the recent past club event winners! Roll the drum roll please.

Year Event Winner (s)
2015 Swis 4 – December
2015 Blitz round 5
2015 Swiss 3 – October
2015 September Rapid Swiss
2015 Blitz round 4
2015 Swiss 2 – August
2015 July Rapid Swiss Mick Gross
2015 Club Championship John Mazzieri
2015 Blitz round 3 Aaron Cossey
2015 Club Grading Swiss Aaron Cossey, Steve Ascic, Mick Gross
2015 April Rapid Swiss Aaron Cossey
2015 Blitz round 2 Martin Barakat
2015 Handicap Tournament Daniel Sa
2015 Swiss 1 – January Scott Humphreys
2015 Blitz round 1 Scott Humphreys, Martin Barakat
2014 December Swiss Steve Ascic
2014 October Swiss Mick Gross
2014 August Swiss Scott Humphreys
2014 Club Championship Paul Baaner and John Slidziunas
2014 Grading swiss Steve Ascic
2014 April rapid swiss Scott Humphreys
2014 Blitz round 2 Hamid Al-Rahmani
2014 Handicap Tournament John Slidziunas
2014 January Swiss Wolfgang Brodesser and Mick Gross
2014 Blitz round 1 Scott Humphreys

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