Special Rules

At Wollongong COLLIES Chess Club FIDE rules of play apply except for the following cases.

  •  Late arrivals

FIDE Article 6.6.a “Any player who arrives at the chessboard after the start of the session shall lose the game. Thus the default time is 0 minutes. The rules of a competition may specify otherwise.”

Replaced by – At Collies the default time is 30 min after schedule start time for all Normal games. The opponent (or Arbiter) will start the clock at the scheduled start time 7:00pm. If neither player is present at the initial time FIDE 6.6.b applies. That is, the player who has the white pieces loses all the time that elapses until he arrives. If a player has not arrived before 7:30pm (the default time) the opponent should claim the forfeit win by advising the Arbiter. A forfeit result will be indicated as “+/-“.

If neither player arrives before the default time the result will be declared a “double forfeit” and indicated as “-/-“.

A player knowing that he will be late for the scheduled start time (more than 30 min) should attempt to postpone the game (see (1) above) as otherwise the game is at risk of running past the Club’s closing time 10:30pm.

  •  Postponed Games

Games may be postponed for valid reasons. Players MUST advise the Arbiter and their opponent if they want their games postponed. It is the responsibility of the player postponing the game to contact his opponent before the game is due to be played and to arrange a date/time/venue at which it will be played. This date/ time/venue must be acceptable to the opponent. Failure to do so will result in a forfeit loss for the person postponing the game. It is also the responsibility of the postponing player to provide chess set, clock and score sheets, and to advise the arbiter of the newly scheduled game.

Once the opponent accepts the new date/time/venue he is obliged to attend. Failing to do so may result in a forfeit. Either player may attempt further postponement of the newly scheduled game using this same rule.

FOR SWISS FORMAT events, all games must be completed by the Sunday prior to the following round and the arbiter advised so that the draw for the following round can be made and distributed to players.

  •  Forfeits

Approved forfeit will occur if a player does not attend a scheduled game but advises both the Arbiter and his opponent prior to the scheduled start of the game.

Unapproved forfeits will occur if the player not attending fails to advise the Arbiter and the opponent and cannot give the Arbiter a valid reason for not doing so.

Please note that it is important that players advise their opponents if they cannot attend a game as their opponents may be inconvenienced by attending the club when there is no game to play.

Arbiters will record all forfeits and players with unapproved forfeits may be penalised by prevention of participation in future events.

  •  Mobile Phones

FIDE Article 12.3.b “Without the permission of the arbiter a player is forbidden to have a mobile phone or other electronic means of communication in the playing venue, unless they are completely switched off. If any such device produces a sound, the player shall lose the game. The opponent shall win. However, if the opponent cannot win the game by any series of legal moves, his score shall be a draw.”

Replaced by – At Collies we are a social club and do not expect that players intentionally use mobile calls to influence their games. Further we do not want players to be isolated from any possible family emergencies.

If a player receives a mobile call they should

  1. Answer the call as quickly as possible to minimize the disturbance on other players
  2. Apologise to their opponent for the disturbance          .

The Arbiter should note the infraction to ensure that individual players are not repeat offenders.

  •  Taking the King in Blitz

AT COLLIES CHESS CLUB taking the King in Blitz will not be considered an illegal move. FIDE requires a player to claim a win by pointing out that the opponent has made an illegal move by leaving their King in check. It is common for players to show their opponent that they have left their King in check by taking it. The taking move itself is an illegal move but this will not be allowed as a claim for win in BLITZ at COLLIES.

Note Players are encouraged to adopt the correct practice of claiming an illegal move if the opponent ignores a check as taking the King may be penalized in other clubs as per FIDE rules.


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